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Colour: Brilliant Steel, Matt Steel Read More

Product Code FS5MoAq7 £37.05 (INC VAT) + £6.00 (Shipping & Handling)

Colour: Brilliant Steel, Matt Steel

Brabantia puts all its expertise into developing solid, reliable products that are made to last. A longer life, and a continuity of use, Brabantia designs products for the present, but with an eye to the future-products that will contribute to your home and the way you live your life-for many years to come. Swivel Towel Arms gives contemporary and minimalist look to your bathroom.    


  • Made of corrosion resistant material.
  • Easy to mount.
  • 10 years guarantee.
  • Dimension : Length - 448mm, Height - 63mm, Depth - 448mm   


  • Matt Steel
  • Brilliant Steel

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