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General Description:

COFFEE - Does it make any difference? "Let`s have a cup of coffee" - that`s probably one of the most used expressions we don`t always mean literally. We mean anything from "let`s sit down and chat", "let`s meet" to "my place or yours?" While the interpretation is your business, the actual cup of coffee is ours. And it has been since 1944. Our coffee maker collection has grown quite a bit over the years but our FRENCH PRESS coffee brewing system is still the leader of the pack. This year we have added a nice range of non-electrical drip coffee makers. And let`s not forget Granos, our top-notch espresso maker that brings the Italian coffee bar right into your home. It comes in even more shiny colors now making it the new focal point of your kitchen.

Product information:

Cafetieres - "Kenya" is  the easiest and fastest way to the ebst cup of coffee: add your favorite ground coffee, hot water, press and enjoy available in 8 cup(1 L)

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