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It’s that time of the year again when you start preparing your home for a series of festive occasions and events.

With office parties, catch ups with old friends, Christmas and New Year celebrations lined up over the coming months, it is high time that you start preparing for the next few weeks and surprise your friends and family with a well-planned cocktail party!


Making cocktails at home is a great way to add the wow factor and some sophistication to your get together’s! As long as you are equipped with the right tools and ingredients in hand, there’s no way you won’t be able to pour your magic into your LSA glassware collection and win your guests’ hearts with some incredible flavours. Keep reading to find out exactly what you need to make some amazing cocktail concoctions at home this winter.

Tools and Equipment

It has been said that a mixologist’s true mastery lies in his tools. Cocktail making is not just about blending a few ingredients; it is, actually more akin to creating a work of art. More than just a cold beverage, the cocktail requires a finely balanced blend of flavours, served in the right glass at the right temperature with the right garnish. Get it wrong and cocktails can seem disappointing, but get it right and they will blow your guests away!

A mixologist is nothing without his tools! You will need the following essential tools for your personal home cocktail bar:

  • A Cocktail Shaker – to blend your cocktails. Choose between a Boston Shaker and Cobbler shaker, depending on how you prefer to mix your drinks
  • Strainer – very important to get a smooth and tasty finish for your drinks
  • Bar spoon and muddler to stir and squeeze and muddle your fruit and cocktails to perfection
  • Single and double measure pourer – this can be a jigger or shot glasses

Now, these are just the essentials. To get more creative, you can also utilise a blender for purees and an ice crusher. No cocktail would be complete without the right LSA glassware to serve it in, either!


With the right tools in hand, you will also need to blend some essential ingredients to create your own signature cocktail. These are a few basic and essential ingredients that are commonly used in all cocktail recipes. You will need:

  • Spirits – Get your hands on a few basic spirits including vodka, gin, rum, whiskey and tequila
  • Liqueurs - Theses are used to add some flavour to those basic spirits. Be picky about choosing the ones that you and your guests would like and consider the potential flavour combinations
  • Freshly chopped fruits – lemon, lime, orange, cucumber and berries are commonly found behind the bar to liven up the drinks. Mint will always be a necessity!
  • Spices like cinnamon, vanilla and star anise will also come in handy, should someone want a festive twist to their drink!
  • Juices and Syrups – Get some fresh juices and fruit syrups, such as orange, apple, cranberry or pineapple and you are all set to make the perfect mixer. Also useful are tonics and soft drinks, as well as flavoured syrups to add a little something more to your drinks

An Assortment of LSA Glassware

Presentation is everything when it comes to cocktails, so is it important that you serve your drinks in the right way. Not sure how your cocktail night will go? Invest in a selection of short and tall glasses, as well as some martini glasses and champagne flutes – you can find them all here at Ideal Forever in our LSA glassware range.

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