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As we inch ever closer to spring, our minds often turn to spring cleaning our homes and lives. For many people, this is a simple case of sorting through unused items and cleaning those hard to reach corners, but for others, it can be more of a fortnight-long operation; involving cleaning, sorting and organising each and every family member’s household items.

Here at idealForever, we think that you should make the most of the spring cleaning fever and get stuck into turning your home into the palace you deserve. We've been consulting with our friend Martha Stewart on some of the most important items on your cleaning checklist – so without further ado, let us help you got all those household items clean and organised!

Top Tip: Pick the rooms that are most used and start there as they may take longer than the others.

  • Get dusting! Dust everything, everywhere. Start at the top of the room and work your way down, remembering to vacuum up afterwards. Don't forget to remove books, DVDs and ornaments from shelves, too! Remember the tops of doors and window frames, lightbulbs and skirting boards
  • Clean your doors, walls and ceilings, if necessary. A clean damp cloth should suffice, but more stubborn marks might require some light washing up liquid adding to the water. Wipe over with plain water when you have finished
  • Get your curtains and linens cleaned. Check the labels before throwing them in the machine, though, as some may need dry cleaning
  • Beat pillows and cushions from the sofa and chairs outside to remove dust. Hoover inside the sofa, too!
  • Wash any cushion covers and removable upholstery, as applicable
  • Vacuum and shampoo rugs and mats
  • Have your carpets cleaned professionally, or look into cleaning your carpets yourself
  • Clean stainless steel with non-abrasive cleaners and soft, clean cloths. Opt for a wax based cleaner, not oil-based
  • Damp mop wooden floors with a mild soap, rather than your typical floor cleaner
  • Reseal grout around tiles areas in the kitchen, bathroom and other areas, as necessary
  • Wipe down and clean your furniture – you’d be surprised at the amount of dust and dirt that can accumulate on household items
  • Change batteries in smoke detectors
  • Give your wardrobe an overhaul, clean your winter clothes, set aside things you haven’t worn for charity, and put the rest in storage. Organise your warmer weather clothes by colour for ease
  • Get rid of any accessories, makeup, toiletries  and toys that don’t get used
  • You can be just as ruthless with other household items in your bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom that no longer serve a purpose other than taking up space. Giveaway to charity or recycle as necessary
  • Defrost the freezer and clean the whole refrigerator inside and out
  • Turn your mattress over to ensure even wear and tear
  • Organise your paperwork and relevant documents
  • Clean and declutter your outdoor space. Tidy up the shed, clean the patio and driveway and get rid of any weeds. Clean outdoor furniture and check all light fittings as necessary
  • Clean your windows inside and out to see your home in a whole new light!

While this list is quite comprehensive, it is, of course, up to you how much you want to do with your spring cleaning, and is not entirely exhaustive. Getting round to doing those odd jobs you’ve been putting off can do wonders for the soul, though!

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