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“There’s always room for pudding.”

Reports have suggested that dessert and the brain’s pleasure centre go hand in hand, which is why we can always find room for that slice of cake or ice cream sundae. These days, dessert is something that is often missed out when we are on a diet or looking to lose weight – which, more often than not, means that we are cutting out a big source of happiness in life.


The best diets, of course, are ones that are moderate in all areas, and allow us to consume a full and varied diet – dessert included, hurrah! In the same way that cooking from scratch gives us more control over the food and meals we consume, taking the reins over pudding can do wonders, too.

Our range of LSA glassware includes everything you need to showcase your dessert making prowess! Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out more and take our dessert masterclass.

  • If you find it hard to resist a slice of scrumptious cake or a selection of light and golden brown pastries, then displaying your dessert in an LSA glassware serving dome or on a cake stand will ignite those feelings of pleasure before a single bite has even passed your lips
  • Transform a hearty apple pie and custard pudding into an event to look forward to. Go all out with some home-made custard and pour straight from your creamer for a chic and modern approach to dessert – pudding should never be an after-thought
  • If you prefer your after-dinner nibbles to be on the savoury side, then you’re probably firmly in camp cheese and wine. A freshly decanted bottle of red with a serving board of fresh bread, crackers, chutney and a broad selection of cheeses is hard to resist
  • If you’re catering to a dinner party with varied tastes and demands, why not craft a range of mini desserts to suit all palates? Nibble dishes are a quick and easy way to serve these smaller portions and ensure that your presentation skills are on point
  • If you’re a traditionalist who has to follow up a sit down meal with a glass of brandy or a cup of coffee, then you’re not alone. Nothing says classy like a decanted bottle of Cognac and miniature coffee cups and saucers, just like the top restaurants do. You could even pair with a paddle board of petit four delights
  • If you like your dessert in liquid form, a cocktail or two will always go down a treat. The sight of a chilled jug of the good stuff - courtesy of your resident mixologist, will ensure the glasses are emptied before you know it

No matter what your dessert preference, there is always a time and place for it when you have LSA glassware items in your home to showcase your culinary skills.

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