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Student Homeware

Tales of student life and the typical university experience are rife. Prospective students will often get so caught up in the glamorous idea of parties every night that they will forget about the real reason they are at university in the first place! While having fun is a key part of the university experience, the importance of studying should not be forgotten. In order to focus on your studies, a fully-furnished home is essential.

Equip your student digs with all the necessary homeware items, from LSA glassware in the kitchen to bathroom essentials and comfortable bedding in your room, in order to ensure you remain as happy, content and comfortable as possible while at university. After all, your student house is your home away from home during term time, so it is important not to overlook those vital creature comforts you are used to. Student houses may have a reputation for being cluttered and messy, but that is no reason for yours to follow suit.

As students old and new begin to look ahead and prepare for the new term soon to begin, the summer is the perfect time to take stock and kit out your new pad with all the essentials you will need. When you are looking to move out on your own for the first time, it is only natural that some things will be overlooked. For that reason, we have created a handy checklist of all the homeware essentials you should take into consideration when you are beginning to stock up ready for your university life to begin.

  • Bedding. As well as pillows, sheets and a duvet, don’t forget to bring a blanket to keep you warm on those long winter nights
  • Towels. Don’t forget that you will need hand towels as well as bath towels!
  • Desk lamp. Some furnished halls will provide you with a lamp, but others won’t so make sure to check before splashing the cash
  • Bin. Again, these may be supplied for you, but an extra bin is always handy
  • Mugs. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup… there are plenty of student food essentials that you will need a mug for
  • Laundry basket. The last thing you want is for dirty clothes to be strewn all over your bedroom floor. Tidy things up with a handy laundry basket
  • Wok or frying pan. Woks are great for making quick and easy meals – bigger pans can also be useful if you are planning to share cooking duties with a housemate
  • Glasses. Drinks glasses are an essential – from shot glasses to regular tumblers, LSA glassware products will give your student house a touch of class
  • Cutlery. Don’t forget your cutlery! As well as knives, forks and spoons, don’t forget to bring things like scissors, potato peelers and sharp knives for food preparation

Why not get a head start with ticking items off your list? Browse our website and stock up on plenty of high-quality, durable items perfect for surviving the university experience.