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It might be true that British summer time often lasts just a few days, but we are also known for having heatwaves that last weeks on end - so it’s always worth being prepared.

For many people, the warmer weather means it is time to get down to the pub garden to sit and have a cold beverage in the sunshine. (Source)

Making the most of the summer weather plus alcohol often leads to dehydration, so we’re here to remind you all to stay refreshed this summer. Whether you are heading to the pub or cracking open a bottle of wine at home, your glass barware will certainly get put to use over the next few months.

Alcohol in Warmer Climes

A cold drink on a hot day might be just what you need, but when that cold drink is alcoholic, you can often feel a lot worse. Drinking alcohol makes you sweat and urinate more frequently, which can lead to dehydration. Add this to the warm weather and you’re going to need a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated.

If you are going to drink this summer, stick to your recommended units and ensure you are drinking plenty of water to replace what you lose.

Alternatively, ditch the alcohol and stay refreshed with a cooling, non-alcoholic mocktail this summer. You still get to give your bar glassware an airing and show off your favourite jug and glasses but the contents will quench your thirst, too.

Swap the Booze for Mocktails

Mocktails are every bit as tasty as cocktails, minus the alcohol. You get all the fun and flavour and leave the dehydration and hangovers behind. Some of our favourite mocktails are listed below for you to try this summer – let us know what you think or tell us your favourite non-alcoholic beverages for fun in the sun!

This Kiwi Lychee Mocktail is healthy, energising and tastes it, too!

By holding the rum, the virgin Cherry Smash is a juicy, flavour sensation that will satiate your need for alcohol under the sun.

Blackberry Limeade is cool and invigorating, jam packed full of summer time flavours.

With mocktail recipes like these and so much more besides, you and your family and friends will be able to enjoy the summer sunshine without falling prey to dehydration.

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