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September can only mean one thing: back to school. However, for those that left sixth form and college just a few short months ago, going back to education this year isn’t quite the same. For many young people around the country, setting off to university means packing up and starting a new, more independent life, in a strange new city.

 Preparing for this new life involves so much more than packing a notebook and the student kitchen essentials. Although these are both very important, there are many other considerations that will impact a young adults life, too.


Once you have all the basics covered; kitchen accessories and utensils, home comforts, clothes, shoes, notebooks and stationary – and as many toiletries as you can squeeze into a one car trip, you’ve also got to consider the fact you will now be financially responsible for yourself; so paying bills, rent and knowing how to budget is essential.

The next essential is learning new skills – especially in the kitchen! Knowing how to cook will ensure you don’t go hungry when on your late night essay writing sessions in the library.

Here at Ideal Forever, we have got your student kitchen essentials covered. But that’s not to say we can’t help out with the rest, too. Keep reading for more advice and information.

Learning to Budget

Before the big move, you should be aware of just how much financial help you will be getting in the form of loans and will have an idea of how much rent you will need to pay and when. Budgeting to ensure this gets done is essential.

Sitting down to work out how much you need, your income, outgoings and remaining cash are important for understanding how life as an independent adult works. Once you have worked out how much you have, and need, you can plan your life accordingly.

This is budgeting.

Learning to Cook

While the student lifestyle cliché of takeaways and partying is tempting, it is a short term solution when it comes to feeding yourself. University is a learning experience, and this requires fuel – the food that you eat. Eat well and you will be able to focus and learn much easier.

Put your student kitchen essentials to the test and buy ingredients so that you can cook for yourself and friends. Not only is this cheaper, but it is much healthier, too.

Student recipe books are important, as are kitchen accessories and utensils. Making easy dishes like spaghetti Bolognese, curry and rice and even home-made pizza is easier than you might think,  and is certainly better than living on noodles and beans on toast. Invest in a recipe book ASAP!

Not only will this make you popular with the housemates, but it will leave you in good standing for life post-university, too.

Indispensable life skills are in the making over the coming months and years, so make sure you have fun and enjoy it! For more information about the kitchen utensils and essentials you need, please visit our website today.