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Seen in many a bar and office around the world when it comes to Hollywood, but largely missing from the real world – the decanter.

Decanters have been used since ancient times, even the Romans used them. However, it wasn’t until the 18th century that use of decanters became more widespread than ever before. The main purpose of decanters was to hold wine and spirits that had previously been stored in barrels.

These days, they tend to be more decorative than functional but are still crafted from glass and crystal for a stunning presentation.

While some people consider the use of decanters to be more of a personal style, experts still maintain that decanters are important in bars, pubs, and homes. Our range of LSA decanters are very visually appealing and make for a great addition to an evening drink with friends after a dinner party.

Benefits of Decanting with LSA

While these days, decanting wines and spirits might appear to be merely shifting the contents of one bottle into another, this is not necessarily true. There are two main advantages of decanting. Firstly, it aids you in separating the sediment that may have formed in your bottle, especially with aged wines. This sediment can give your wine an astringent and bitter flavour if left to be poured, which can ruin the flavour entirely.

Secondly, the decanting process allows the liquid inside to breathe on interaction with oxygen in the air whilst being transferred into a decanter. This is especially important for wine, but can also give whiskey a little more depth of flavour, too. In addition to this, it gets rid of unwanted, pungent odours and any sulphur compounds.

Simply put, it can offer a dramatic improvement to flavours.

The Method of Decanting

No matter what the age of your wine or spirit, it is best to let the bottle sit idle on a flat table top before starting the decanting process. Leave for about 2 hours to allow the sediment to settle down.

Our wide range of LSA decanters ensure that all alcoholic liquids will have a home that is suitable for purpose – we have a selection that are beautifully designed with and without stoppers.

Pour your tipple of choice slowly, allowing for aeration and oxygenation in the process.

Wines should be given at least 2 hours to settle before being served, but spirits will be fine to serve immediately. Remember to chill white and sparkling wines – and rose’s if preferred - before serving. Red wines can be refrigerated for up to 20 minutes before serving.

So, whether you are looking for a decanter that offers style or substance to your home, look no further with Ideal Forever.