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They say the way to a man’s heart (or a woman’s, for that matter) is through the stomach, which explains why being wined and dined is one of the most popular dating activities here in the UK.

Summer romances are rife as the sun shines, and memories are made; but just how easy is it for you to create a lasting impression on your crush when you lack in the kitchen department?

While it helps to be prepared – knowing their likes and dislikes is a must, it also pays to have the right assortment of kitchen appliances and utensils to hand, too. You can’t very well present a romantic meal for two without the plates or cutlery, without the glassware or the all-important candlelight, now, can you?

Deciding what food to cook and which drinks to serve needn’t be difficult! With plenty of aphrodisiacs in season and an assortment of cocktails and other summery drink recipes around, your date will be won over with your culinary prowess.

On the Menu

Some of the best foods to use in a romantic menu include: chilli, chocolate, avocado, asparagus, banana, figs, walnuts, watermelon, pomegranate, rocket, salmon, and the oysters go without saying.

It is believed that the vitamins, acids, and antioxidants present in many of these foods boost your hormones and improve circulation, as well as getting the heart racing – ooh la la!

Make your food look as good as it tastes by taking care of the details. Drizzle that olive oil, dollop that double cream and sprinkle icing sugar gently over your dessert.

Not all of these ingredients need specialist kitchen appliances but will certainly look impressive when served, so incorporate them into your next romantic menu.

This Drink is On Us

The drinks that accompany your dinner can be just as important to create a romantic ambience this summer. Red wine is packed full of antioxidants so keep those glasses topped up!

Here at Ideal Forever, we stock a wide range of glassware and kitchen utensils that are essential to ensure your kitchen is prepared for a last minute date.

Have a browse and see if you can prepare yourself for the summer of love.