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Is it just us or is it starting to feel a little cold inside and rather warm outside? It can only mean one thing, right? The sun is coming back! Time to celebrate!

 Now, now - calm down; before you go wild and dig out last year’s summer attire from the spare room, picking out your favourite assortment of barely there, brightly coloured (incredibly brave) shorts and strappy tanks (wild indeed!)… 

Let’s get one thing straight. There is only one way to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of sunshine, and it starts with a ‘B’ and ends with a ‘BQ’!

That’s right; you got it! (You did get it, didn’t you…?)

Now, we’ve got that covered, it’s time to get organised. First thing’s first, check the weather forecast, tidy up the garden, make sure the barbeque still works and invite all your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours… the lot! Or, you could just go all out and invite the whole street!

Next up on your list is grocery shopping! Wipe the dust off those sunglasses, pile your trolley full of burgers, steaks, sausages, chicken, fish, fresh bread, fresh salads, potatoes, crudités and dips, hummus, olives, a million and one condiments, crisps, and snacks! Of course, a BBQ isn’t a BBQ without drinks so don’t forget the lemons, limes and ice!

Whatever your favourite summer tipple; Malibu, Sangria, Southern Comfort or a cool Rosé Spritzer, ensure you serve it up in style, with a touch of class! You might even go all out with some Pimms and Lemonade, complete with fresh fruit!

Slice some lemons, limes, oranges and strawberries, arrange them in your chosen bar glasses, pour your choice of tipple and top with a few sprigs of mint. Or, see here, for some great summer cocktail recipes to wow and entertain your guests with.

Whatever you decide to go for, when it comes to cocktails presentation is key, so ensure your drink looks invitingly colourful and refreshing in your new set of unique cocktail glasses.

For the rest of your exotic beverages, idealForever has a great range of barware for you to choose from: from champagne flutes to wine glasses, unique, colourful vodka glasses to classic beer glasses, and a large collection of kitchen and dining accessories for such occasions; you can’t go wrong.  

So, for your first barbeque get together this summer, make sure it’s not just the sun that’s shining; with the most exquisite collection of barware from idealForever.