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It is believed that the event and leisure industry is one of the biggest sectors within the UK, and looking around at flourishing towns and cities, it isn’t hard to see why. With start-ups being more successful than ever before, the self-employed world is booming and looks set to stay that way, too.

After almost a decade of hardship, scrimping and saving, the UK public has finally got a bit of spare cash to play around with and it seems that they’re spending it on the things they cut back on during the economic turmoil of late – leisure and entertainment.

 If you’re looking to capitalise on this emerging and thriving industry, then now is the time! Maybe you run a pub but have experienced dwindling numbers due to people still seeking out the cheapest deals, so you want to revitalise the back room and create an event destination? Or perhaps you have bought a B&B and have aspirations of transforming it into a successful hotel? Whatever your reasons, there are plenty of opportunities out there.

Fast Forward

You've got the prime location, you've redecorated and transformed the feel of the place, you've even booked your first customer and are now looking forward to seeing your business flourish in this new direction.

 One of the most important things to remember when organising any event is to invest in marketing to ensure you’re not left crying into your bar towel at the end of the night. The second thing to remember is that you can never have too much in the way of event glassware.

Stocked Up Nicely

If you’re new in the business, then we forgive you for the oversight, but as a general rule; always order as many glasses as you can afford. People will be drinking faster than you can wash, and there are always breakages and other little issues cropping up. Running out of glasses is not something that you want to experience, so ensuring you have enough event glassware should be one of your top priorities.

Choosing Your Event Glassware

When it comes to choosing which glassware is right for you, you need to first consider the drinks you are offering; there is no point spending money on Martini glasses if don’t intend on serving cocktails. Wine glasses, pint glasses, highball glasses, beer glasses, brandy glasses and even champagne flutes; whichever you need, you can be sure to find it at idealForever.

 For more information on our wide range of event glassware and other home accessories, please contact a member of our customer service team today.