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These days, very few people partake in the decanting process when it comes to wines, whiskeys, brandies and other liquors.

This old tradition is largely reserved for those with vast wine collections, a penchant for dramatics and sophistication and those who like the look of decanters. That really is the crux of it all; decanting in the modern world we live in is largely about aesthetics.

While many wine connoisseurs will tell you that an aged, vintage wine must be decanted to remove the sediment – and this is true – when it comes to liquor and spirits, decanting offers no real benefits when it comes to flavour, but it does look classy and sophisticated.

Here at Ideal Forever, we stock a range of different decanters and other bar glassware to add a little glamour to your evening glass of the good stuff.

Get to Know: The Decanter

Decanters are available in all shapes and sizes but there are two main distinctions: some are for wine, and others are not. Traditionally speaking – with a little bit of knowledge about wines thrown in – decanters that are round with spouts and distinct shapes are designed for aerating and serving wine, whereas sturdier decanters with stoppers are designed for storing liquors and spirits.

Decanting Wine

Generally speaking, all wines will get something from being decanted. For red wines and some full-bodied whites, decanting is a way of separating sediment that can tarnish the flavour of the wine.

Pouring slowly and carefully will remove the sediment, leaving you with a clean and clear wine that tastes great. Standing a red wine bottle upright for a day before use is the best way to ensure sediment is at the bottle of the bottle.

Young wines should be decanted about 20 minutes before serving, but older wines should be decanted immediately before serving to ensure the flavours don’t fall apart.

Wine decanters do not tend to have stoppers and can also be referred to as a carafe.

 Decanting Whiskey

 Due to the alcohol content of whiskey and other spirits, they contain a lot fewer tannins than wine – the changing part of wine that affects the flavour. This means that decanting these drinks is purely for aesthetic reasons, and rightly so. Pouring a double shot of whiskey over ice from a decanter looks a lot more sophisticated than from a cheap bottle from the supermarket.

Of course, traditionally speaking, whiskeys and the like were stored in decanters as they were taken directly from the barrel, so this is a custom with history behind it.

Spirit decanters Spirit  are most likely to have stoppers.

The world of bar glassware has never been so glamourous looking. Browse our website for inspiration and order your own decanter today – cheers to that!