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Spring is officially here and, for most people, that can only mean one thing: it’s almost summer! The warmer, longer days means there is still plenty of daylight – and sunshine left to enjoy after work. So, whether you’re down for a little al fresco dining in the week or are waiting for a warm afternoon during the weekend to invite some friends over for a BBQ and cold beer, now is the time.

When you live in the UK, it’s important to be prepared for summer; mostly because it can come at any given moment, and because you never know how long it’s going to stick around for!

With making the most of summer and BBQ season on your mind, we here, at idealForever, thought we would do our part to help prepare you for the festivities ahead!

We have a few BBQ recipes and ideas for you to try out as well as some of the best utensils and kitchen accessories around from names you’ll love – such as Brabantia, Morphy Richards and Jamie Oliver. Spring, and almost-summer doesn’t get any better than this!

Recipes for the Collection

If there’s one requirement for a BBQ, it has to be the burger! This recipe for a Blue Cheese and Apple Burger comes courtesy of Jamie Oliver and is like heaven in a deliciously crispy bun. Similarly, these spiced lamb and apricot kebabs will be a big winner this summer.

Vegetarians needn’t worry – these stuffed BBQ peppers are just as tasty, packed full of flavour and add a hefty dose of rustic rosemary potato salad for a gourmet BBQ experience.

You can even toast a few marshmallows on the BBQ later for a dessert that kids and adults alike will love!

Preparation is Key

If you are planning on having friends over for a BBQ, it’s time to clean that grill, dig out your favourite apron, whip up your favourite homemade sauces and serve on a smart condiment platter and serve your drinks ice cold, straight from the jug.

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